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Country living and five-star field landscapes

We at Hepokatti provide you with an authentic down-to-earth country farm holiday. To us, a relaxing holiday is a perfect mix of rest, activity and beautifully set home food. Choose the suitable components that make up the farm holiday to your taste and distance yourself from ordinary routines. And don’t forget that even adults are allowed to be a little nutty in the country.

Friendly service is our brand, be our guest!

We are located on the lively Vaahersalo island, right in the left nook of the Punkaharju national landscape. The Punkaharju village centre is only 8 km away and the distance to the Savonlinna town centre is about 30 km. We are open in the summertime, beginning from May to the end of August.


Hepokatti is a cosy bed and breakfast where you can sleep like a baby in quiet farm surroundings. Our small idyllic camping site has a perfect view on to a field. A tasty breakfast in good company is sure to start off the day on a good note.


Take a break on your day trip and drop into our café. Enjoy a glass of berry juice and maybe mud cake with ice cream and a delicious compote. In our lunch room you can feed your eyes and stomach on a beautifully set and tasty soup lunch.


Our country yard invites you to spend lazy days at Punkaharju. Get to know our farm animals and gaze at photographs at the RiihiKalleria, work up a sweat on the hayfield or get something to read from our summer library and just read under an apple tree. Relax. Enjoy yourself. Let your heart race.


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Kaikki on valmista Kotimaan matkamessuilla - tule hakemaan upouusia #kolmenfarminkierros pyöräilykarttoja Punkaharjulle, vinkkejä kiinnostaviin museokäynteihin ja lomareissuille Savonlinnan seudulle!

Tervetuloa #visitsavonlinna osastolle E520! 😊

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Onko kesä ja loma jo mielessä? Tule hakemaan inspiraatiota Kotimaan matkamessuille tulevana viikonloppuna Tampereelle! Supermessut 2017

EDIT: Elisa lähtee ystävineen Tampereen Supermessuille, onnea! :)

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Kuvat henkilön B&B Majoitus Hepokatti julkaisusta (4 photos) ... Näytä lisää.Näytä vähemmän.

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