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Our story

A new spirit since 2012

Spring, 2012 started a new chapter in the travel history of the Mannila farm, when the inspiring younger generation of the Kero family started up B&B Hepokatti, introducing new ideas to the Punkaharju travel scene.

It is impossible to answer the question of what Hepokatti is with just one word. First of all, we are a family business, travel destination, reason to leave, a modern/traditional farm, mirror of our guests, an open-minded and creative partner as well as an organisation endowed with versatile competence. In the summer we open our doors to our travelling guests. In winter we participate in different types of joint projects and take time to enhance our own professional competence and operations.

Cooperation produces results

As a young business, we want to develop Hepokatti by combining the farm’s traditions and history with modern trends and ideas. We believe that the best way to maintain a farm is to develop and care for it. Our core values are understanding our customers and cooperation. Guests are a crucial part of our development team and together with other entrepreneurs in Punkaharju we aim to establish Punkaharju as the best travel destination in the world, where each guest wants to return, over and over again.

Our dream is to become an all year round guesthouse, where rest, activities and food make up an incomparable experience.

With these words, I wish to welcome you – traveller, day tripper or holiday dreamer, to Punkaharju and Hepokatti!

Maria Utti

Entrepreneur B&B Hepokatti