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The yard ABC

The yard  ABC

Aamu – Morning – The best part, when the day starts!

Bebe. Charmer cat, who will put a smile on the glummest of faces.

Frisbeegolf. 9-basket frisbee golf track circulates our country milieu. You can borrow frisbees from us or use your own.

Hepokatti. Unique concerts in store at the end of the summer. Sounds from the south.

Heinätalkoot – Hay work party. Do you know what a digging fork is? Stack and name your own  pole of hay.

Hiekkalaatikko – Sandbox. Build castles and cakes.

Ilta-aurinko – Evening sun. Sets behind the fields and trees.

Jalkapallokenttä – Football field. We play football on the big grass field almost every night – and definitely at Midsummer.

Kesäkirjasto – Summer library. Borrow exciting detective story books or horse stories.

Keppihevoset – Hobby horses. A round around the farm on a hobby horse makes the day anytime!

Kii-Kaa! keinut – Kii-Kaa! swings. Our colourful Kii-Kaa! swings are awaiting the swingers.

Kaarnalaiva – Bark boat. Make it yourself, a nice souvenir.

Kerppu. Now that’s an interesting one to translate! Put together a bouquet of alder branches for the farm animals to munch on in the winter.

Leikkiaitta – Play granary. A playground for children can be found at the end of the summer granary.

Leikkimökit – Play houses. You can always go have coffee at your neighbour’s.

Lentopallo – Volleyball. We have a volleyball court on the grass field.

Maisemataulu – Landscape frame. An exhibition consisting of one artwork since 2013! Have you ever seen the likes of it before?

Nype – Modtrad. Modern traditional. Our farm yard is a colourful mix of traditional and modern stuff.

Onki – Fishing rod. Make it yourself and dig your own worms.

Pelivintti – Game attic. In the old attic of the main building you can play ping pong, korona, different board games and of course, find something to read.

Puujalat – Stilts. Our challenge: Can you stay up?

Polkupyörä – Bicycle. Borrow the best type of transportation for a daytrip to view Punkaharju.

Punamulta – Red ochre. Sometimes there’s painting work to do.

RiihiKalleria. The landmark indicating the entry to Hepokatti is also a photogallery.

Sauna. Nothing more relaxing than the feisty heat in our traditional sauna.

Sulkapallo – Badminton. We have the court and rackets. You can introduce the players.

Savityö – Clay work. Do it yourself.

Talkoot – Voluntary work. You’re welcome to help out and there’s always small chores to do. All you have to do is ask!

Tikkataulu – Dart board. Who can throw the highest score?

Uiminen – Swimming. The nearest beach is about 800 metres away or on the ridge, about five km away.

Vasta or vihta? Us Finns can go on for hours arguing about which word to use to describe the birch twigs we beat ourselves with to enhance the exhilarating heat of the sauna.